Body Kinect

At Body Kinect Melbourne, we believe that long term good health comes from a place of purpose and self belief. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with healthy living messages, we strive to simplify and empower those that we work with, to understand that they themselves have control over their health and our role is to simply guide them along the way.

We understand that for positive change to be successful it has to be maintained in the long term, and the most effective way this can be achieved is through education, empowerment and support. Our wellness programs follow a client centred, self directed approach and focus on health as a holistic concept.


Kat Simons

Kat Simons

I’m a positive and compassionate do-er who believes that everybody can achieve greatness, whatever that may look like to them. I am a work in progress, still learning myself what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and hopefully each day growing a little wiser!

I live to eat and have found a love of cooking healthy and nutritious meals that taste good. I now move my body not to make it look better, but because of how good it feels to move! My favourite workout will always be busting out some daggy dance moves and laughing until my stomach hurts and I’ve made peace with the fact that I will never be a runner!

I believe that all positive change starts with a positive mindset and sticking to your own personal beliefs and values. I know there is no such thing as failure, just little detours off the path that are there for us to learn from.

I thrive on the confidence and positivity that I get from feeling healthy and strong and have found such gratification in educating and empowering others to do the same. I’m not an expert on all things health but I am an expert on getting highly confusing and often conflicting wellness information and making it accessible, interesting, relevant and applicable for people living with mental illness to implement it into their lives.

Through Body Kinect, I work with people on a daily basis who are often struggling with their own obstacles and I make it my mission to connect these people with ideas and possibilities of how they can be their best and healthiest self.


  • Level 2 Wellness Coach (Wellness Coaching Australia)
  • Cert III & Cert IV Fitness – Personal Trainer and Group Exercise (Personal Training Academy)
  • Effective Movement Trainer (Personal Training Academy)
  • Quit Smoking Educator (Quit Victoria)
  • Level 2 First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aid


Erika Wiseman

Erika Wiseman

I have over a decade of experience holding private naturopathic consultations, and now lecture and supervise naturopathic students in clinic, where I strongly believe teaching is a fantastic learning experience.

I am currently completing post-graduate studies in Public Health, and apply this knowledge working in community health in a voluntary capacity, as a naturopath for clients experiencing homelessness and other socio economic barriers.

I most enjoy working with clients experiencing emotional disorders and high stress levels. Having struggled with anxiety myself, I have a personal understanding of how good nutrition and natural remedies can improve mood and reduce related digestive disturbances.

As a personal trainer, I have experience in running corporate health programs, as well as group exercise classes. As a naturopath, my knowledge of disease helps assess why some people struggle to lose weight no matter what they do, and this allows for a naturopathic approach to treating the cause, thereby improving all outcomes.

My own approach to exercise has changed over the last few years, from searching for the maximum output approach, to understanding how important gentle exercise is for the both the mind and body. Appreciating that moderation and variation is the key, I am just as likely to take a pilates class or simply play in the park with her dog, appreciating the balance that brings.


  • Bachelor of Health Sciences-Naturopathy (Southern School of Natural Therapies)
  • Cert III & IV Fitness – Australian Institute of Fitness
  • NHAA (National Herbalists Assoc. Aust) Registered
  • Fitness Australia Registered
  • Level 2 First Aid