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Oh we do love the girls at twosixmag! Their beautiful online magazine is our go to for all things healthy living.- think delicious, nutritious recipes, thought provoking articles and inspiring images. They also bring their sunny personalities and healthy ways to the corporate world with twosix Corporate Wellness.

Today we catch up with one half of the dynamic duo….take it away Emma!



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Ever got in your car to go home and before you know it you’ve pulled up in front of your house with little knowledge of how you actually got there? Yep, that’s autopilot – we’re all guilty of it. In fact, it is more of a struggle to stay present in our daily lives today than at any other time in history.




There are endless distractions and responsibilities, that we forget to take a moment to consider what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. And, before you know it days, weeks, years go by without fully being lived or experienced.

Does this sound familiar?

Thought so – but don’t worry, here are some very easy, sure fire ways to break the habit.

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There are so many fabulous resources on the world wide web these days that support individuals living with mental illness. We came across Resilient App a few months ago, a free app that provides inspiration and tips for recovery. We were really impressed and when we dug a little deeper found that the brains and heart behind the whole operation was Katie Harp. A young woman living with mental illness in the USA. She was kind enough to have a chat with us and share her story.


*We really encourage people to make use of the wonderful free resources available to them and have provided links at the bottom of the page to access Resilient App. You can thank us later!!*

First off, can you tell us a little bit about your story and why you started Resilient?
I started Resilient after I overcame my own depression. I was depressed from about age twelve through my college years. After ending up in the hospital, I went back home to live with my parents and started the process of getting better.

It was a very long journey and there weren’t a lot of helpful resources out there for actual, practical advice and tips of things you can do when you’re in the trenches to help depression and anxiety, so after I was better, I set out to create it.

What techniques and practises do you do to care for yourself both mentally and physically?
I have a whole toolbox of techniques and practices to choose from! 🙂 I do everything from meditation to exercise (walking, running, pilates, etc) to curling up with my kitty and Netflix after a long day, reading inspirational blogs, watching inspirational documentaries, reading quotes, writing a gratitude list, and detoxing my life of any negative influences.

What’s your philosophy on exercise and does it play a role in managing your mental health?
Exercise can be super helpful in improving and maintaining your mental health and happiness. I decided to live in the city and not get a car so instead I walk everywhere. It’s great exercise and you don’t even have to think about it! Otherwise you can do whatever you think is fun (I like Blogilates) or even go on a walking meditation (observe your surroundings while slowly walking) and get two self care practices in at the same time.

What does your morning routine look like?
Since I work from home, I have the luxury of sleeping in and waking up anytime. Sometimes I’ll stay in bed for a while and snuggle with my kitty cat and then eat something for breakfast. When I make my first cup of coffee, I know it’s time to start working and head to my laptop.

What’s for dinner tonight?
Honey mustard boiled chicken with steamed broccoli.

Sweet or savoury?
Sweet 🙂

Resilient__a_free_mental_health_appWhat new skill would you love to learn?
Some kind of creative movement or dance. I’ve been thinking about taking an aerial class and trying that out!

When you think of the word successful who’s the first person that comes to mind?
I think of Oprah haha. She’s an iconic figure and role model for success and the part that stands out to me is just how much she had to overcome, especially when she was younger, to get to where she is today. Truly inspiring.

What are you proudest of?
I’m proudest of recovering from a depression that plagued me for several of my teenage and young adult years and ultimately led me to start Resilient. Recovering from something like depression is one of the hardest things to do, but it’s so worth it to finally find happiness in your life. If you can keep fighting and keep going and not give up, that’s something to be proud of.

What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?
Don’t stress out so much about your appearance and thinking you’re not good enough. You are a valuable person, you are good enough, and what matters most is what’s in your heart and head.

“You’re not alone – everyone else is just as scared and insecure; some just hide it well”

What words of wisdom resonate with you?
“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” – Dale Carnegie

Many of our clients are not avid internet and technology users. What are some good resources (websites, apps, podcasts, blogs etc) that you could recommend as a good place to begin seeking out support and information to help them on their journey of recovery?
I love reading blogs like Tiny Buddha and Purpose Fairy. You can also find a lot of inspirational quotes and pictures on Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram if you look up keywords like “positive,” “inspirational,” or “happiness.” Of if you prefer something analog, I have a list of recommended books on our blog that you could pick up online or at the bookstore.


Say hello to Katie at Resilient

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We love TED talks at Body Kinect. So many inspiring, knowledgable, hilarious and thought provoking talks to really give us perspective in our busy lives.
We’ve put together out Top 5 talks that cover topics like happiness, mental illness and mindfulness from a different perspective. Get comfy and let us know which ones really resonated with you.
And if you want more simply head over to the TED website or download the TED app(ios or android)

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ThriftyWholesome2We are super excited to introduce you to the wonderful Johanna, the brains behind Thrifty Wholesome.

For those that don’t know Thrifty Wholesome is a delicious food and lifestyle blog sharing fabulous recipes that are super healthy, super tasty and look down right spectacular!

Johanna’s recipes are a huge hit in our HEAL group so we thought we’d have a chat with her to find out what inspires her.

It’s no secret that we’ve fallen in love with your delicious food posts. Tell us when you first discovered a passion (and clear talent!) for cooking and styling healthy food?

I’ve always loved food but I think it was when I was 14 when my passion for healthy food started. I started researching and trying new recipes in a quest to make family dinners a bit healthier. I was soon in charge of the cooking and it hasn’t changed ever since. Even in my share house now I often cook for all of us and rarely let anyone else into the kitchen!

What does a healthy diet look like for you?

I think it is one of the biggest misconceptions out there, that there is such thing as THE perfect diet. When it comes to healthy eating, I believe that everyone needs to figure out what works best for their body (and also mind).

For me this means eating fresh, unprocessed foods – a good balance of vegetables, fruit, good quality animal products such meat, eggs, fish and dairy and nuts and seeds. But it also means the occasional treat like red wine or dark chocolate. Food should never be the enemy in your life!

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We often get asked about how the food we eats affects our mental health. We decided to put together this article to explain in more detail how it all works. There’s some fascinating information in here, that everyone can benefit from, so if it gets a bit scientific for you, stick with it. Or if you’re like us and love to know the nitty gritty…you’re welcome!!




The effects of nutrition on our physical performance have been studied for decades. Athletes have worked meticulously with dieticians to improve the performance of their muscles, lungs, and hearts. Rarely do we see academics working with dieticians to perfect their nutrition for mental performance. Just as the possible benefits of good nutrition for the brain have been somewhat dismissed by society, so too have the effects of poor nutrition on our mental status, until recently. it is now becoming abundantly clear that just as food affects our physical well-being, it also affects mental well-being.

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We are seriously excited to bring you our chat with Amy from Strong Inside Out. We won’t give too much away, except to say that you’ll be glad that you scrolled down the page and read this incredible woman’s story. We came across Amy on the world wide web over a year back and have been big followers of her work ever since. If you want to hear from somebody who has been through the lows but has come out the other side stronger and better than ever, she’s your girl!

Amy Clover. Image by Kirk Hensler

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Today we’re keeping our ‘Five Minutes’ chat close to home and talking to our very own Erika Wiseman. Erika is one of our bright and bubbly Wellness Educators at Body Kinect, delivering our HEAL and Energise programs.

A naturopath, personal trainer and all round healthy nut, Erika shares what a healthy lifestyle means to her.


Tell us a little bit about how you ended up working in the world of wellness and exercise?
I have been working as a naturopath for nearly 9 years, so becoming a personal trainer was more an addition to what I was doing than a change of direction. I think it occurred for 2 main reasons.
1: As a naturopath I had a lot of people come to see me for weight loss, and dietary treatment although was a big part of it. I could only give really generalised advice about exercise, and I didn’t know if that would be followed through.
2: I was spending a lot of time exercising, and thought it would be great if I could spend some of my working time doing what made me feel great, and encourage others to do the same!

So it was a natural progression…

Having worked with people who are often experiencing mental illness, what benefits have you seen when clients begin to focus on their daily eating and exercise habits?

It has stood out to me that clients can go from feeling overwhelmed and anxious about making changes, to becoming inspired and empowered. An increase in confidence and belief in themselves seems to result in a big shift in enthusiasm and the development of healthy habits. Not to mention the benefits across the board that come when clients feel better about their physical appearance.

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