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We all need to declutter, refocus, and refresh our lives every now and then, and Spring is the perfect time to do it. Here are our top 5 ways for you to spring clean your mind.



Take your workout outside.
A very simple and positive step to take when the weather warms up, is to head outdoors. Taking your exercise outside will allow you to experience things you just don’t get in the confines of a gym or studio. Not only do you get a blast of fresh air, but you’re also forced to be more present when surrounded by nature. We are probably all a little vitamin D deficient at the moment as well, so get out there and chase some gentle sun, your body will thank you. Read more »


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When was the last time you happily sat and did absolutely nothing? No phone, no work, no cleaning, no planning. We all say we long for a holiday, but when we get the time off, we subconsciously busy ourselves, physically, by running around from task to task, or mentally, by constantly remembering, predicting and planning. We tend to feel it is a waste of valuable time if we take a moment to do nothing. We are simply more content when we are busy.


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