Five Minutes with Emma from twosixmag…

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Oh we do love the girls at twosixmag! Their beautiful online magazine is our go to for all things healthy living.- think delicious, nutritious recipes, thought provoking articles and inspiring images. They also bring their sunny personalities and healthy ways to the corporate world with twosix Corporate Wellness. Today we catch up with one half… Read more »

Men and Mental Health….Meet Mariusz

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At Body Kinect we want to shine a light on some of our male clients who are making positive steps every day to improve their health. Our clients live with mental illness and the reality is that in this demographic the risk of lifestyle illnesses like heart disease, obesity and type II diabetes increases. Today… Read more »

The Connection Documentary – Mind Your Body

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The majority of cultures throughout history have appreciated the mind’s influence over the body and the way it functions. In modern history, the power of the mind has taken a back to seat to the astonishing advancements in modern medicine. However, now we are beginning to realise the power of the mind more than ever.

Exercise for Happiness

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Oh exercise…we love you but sometimes you are really hard to get excited about. It’s either too hot or too cold and when that alarm goes off it’s so much easier to pull the covers back over your head and pretend you didn’t hear it. But before you nod your head in agreement, have you… Read more »

Our Top Tips To Spring Clean Your Mind

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We all need to declutter, refocus, and refresh our lives every now and then, and Spring is the perfect time to do it. Here are our top 5 ways for you to spring clean your mind.   Take your workout outside. A very simple and positive step to take when the weather warms up, is… Read more »