Five Minutes with Emma from twosixmag…

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Oh we do love the girls at twosixmag! Their beautiful online magazine is our go to for all things healthy living.- think delicious, nutritious recipes, thought provoking articles and inspiring images. They also bring their sunny personalities and healthy ways to the corporate world with twosix Corporate Wellness. Today we catch up with one half… Read more »

Our Top 5 TED Talks

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We love TED talks at Body Kinect. So many inspiring, knowledgable, hilarious and thought provoking talks to really give us perspective in our busy lives. We’ve put together out Top 5 talks that cover topics like happiness, mental illness and mindfulness from a different perspective. Get comfy and let us know which ones really resonated… Read more »

Five Minutes with Madam Heap

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We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Madam Heap, mindfulness masters, and learnt so much about the impact that mindful practise can have on our daily life. These lovely ladies were so insightful and gave us tons of practical ways that we can introduce mindful habits in our day so it was a… Read more »

Mental Illness Fact Series: Anxiety

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Anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone feels in certain situations, but when feelings of worry and concern about regular everyday activities become overwhelming, someone may be suffering an anxiety disorder.   What is Anxiety? 1 in 6 young Australians is currently experiencing an anxiety condition. Anxiety can be identified in many different forms:… Read more »