Our Friends

Dawn Image“The HEAL program has been the best program I’ve ever attended. It has taught me so many things about healthy eating and looking after myself. I don’t feel so stressed about food. My mood has improved because I’m eating much healthier. I don’t have sugar cravings anymore and I sleep better. I really look forward to the session each week because then I can go home and cook the meals for myself and my family. I’ve even got a veggie garden growing at home now! I love this program because it has taught me how to eat well, have fun and value myself!”

“I haven’t walked this well in years and that’s boosted my confidence and I don’t feel so embarrassed because I’m not losing balance and limping. I’m feeling much stronger in my lower body”

“This program has been invaluable for my recovery because it’s given me a different perspective on what healthy is and what I should do to be healthy. I now see it from a mindset point of view and that is very helpful. I feel much more confident that I can maintain this for the long term”

“My biggest achievements from attending the HEAL program have been losing weight and moving into a more positive mindset. My confidence has improved. I have a new interest in healthy living. I have more awareness about my habits and health.”

Chris Image“Kat goes over all the exercises, helps me with my technique and has even introduced me to the main gym. She is very thorough. There has been some trainers in the past who don’t go over things but Kat has been the best one. She mixes it up and keeps it interesting for me. She has been very motivating”



One of Australia’s largest community health organisations, formed by three strong values-driven organisations: North Yarra, Doutta Galla and Western Region. Through Cohealth we have worked in the following settings and with the following groups:

  • Women’s groups
  • Youth groups (aged 15-25)
  • Prevention and Recovery Centres (PARC)
  • Continuing Care Units